Play iTunes movies on Blackberry Android smartphone

Transfer iTunes M4V movies to BlackBerry DTEK60/50

When BlackBerry released the DTEK50, its second Android smartphone, in August 2016, it called it ‘the world’s most secure Android smartphone’. The DTEK60 mixes excellent specs with a gorgeous design and super-secure software, to effortlessly claim the title of BlackBerry’s best touchscreen smartphone to date, and earn its place as […]

iTunes to OnePlus 3T Converter - Play iTunes movies on OnePlus 3T

How to watch iTunes movies on OnePlus 3T?

Can I transfer downloaded iTunes movies to OnePlus 3T? I have this new smart phone OnePlus 3T and I’d like to make full advantage of it. Thanks to the high-resolution display, I really want to add some movies on my mobile to watch on the go. The problem is that […]

Play iTunes movies on Xperia XZ

How to convert transfer iTunes movies to Xperia XZ?

How do I transfer videos from my iTunes to Sony Xperia XZ? I purchased many favorite movies from iTunes. I downloaded the Civil War, Dawn of Justice, Moana, Suicide Squad, Apocalypse etc., so the episodes are on my computer. However, I want to put them on my new Xperia XZ. […]

Sync iTunes M4V movies to Google Pixel XL for playing

Sync iTunes M4V movies to Google Pixel XL for playing

How do I put iTunes onto Google Pixel XL? I am thinking about getting this powerful Android smartphone. The thing is I have iTunes and I was wondering would it be possible to upload purchased movies from iTunes to Google Pixel XL for enjoyment. Anybody know how I’d go about […]

Play iTunes movis on HTC Bolt

Transfer and play iTunes movies on HTC Bolt

HTC Bolt smartphone was launched in November 2016. It is a Sprint exclusive that sells for $600, and it’s simply too much for the phone. Part of its high price comes from its 5.5-inch screen size and some comes from its faster speeds on Sprint’s LTE Plus network. But at […]